Celine from Germany

Dear lovely people from the amazing conversation cafe!
I can’t really describe in words what you gave me! I remember the first time I went to the CC, I was really afraid of speaking English and especially in front of native speakers. But you helped me and made me feel comfortable and my English skills improved a lot time after time. But not only my language, also my personality profited from my weekly visitations in the CC. I met incredible people there and I couldn’t believe that Americans would come to the cafe without having any other profits than getting to know new people! I am just grateful and thankful for this experience I had and that I had the chance to meet you all! You will be forever a part of my life and I can’t imagine Santa Barbara without you. You were my second family where I felt comfortable and I really enjoyed the time. I just hope you can give other students this amazing opportunity by just doing exactly what you already did. I just want to say thank you, I really appreciate the time you spend to meet some strangers with weird accents and different cultures.
Thank you for the amazing time, I really miss you all, the Conversation Cafe was one of the parts that made my stay unforgettable!