My story there began about one year ago when I was a international student. I heard about this team and started to going to the Cafe. Thank god I met beautiful people who I still keep in touch with and I have wonderful memories with them. So firstly I’m really thankful to all the conversation … More Merve from Turkey

Merve from Turkey

Dear lovely people from the amazing conversation cafe! I can’t really describe in words what you gave me! I remember the first time I went to the CC, I was really afraid of speaking English and especially in front of native speakers. But you helped me and made me feel comfortable and my English skills … More Celine from Germany

Celine from Germany

This cafe helped me a lot to learn and improve my English. This work you guys doing is incredible. Keep helping the international students to achieve what they want and most importantly to see what you can do for us. Thank you again for what you have done for us.

Talal from Saudi Arabia

I’m so grateful for the time you all shared with me. The Cafe added so much to my personality. The most significant thing I learned from The Cafe was that people always have something to share together no matters what country you are from, or what culture you belong to. Another thing I learned from … More Celil from Turkey

Celil from Turkey

I just want to say thanks God that I had a chance to have friends like you in my life and thank you for everything.

Ali from Saudi Arabia

Thank you so much for everything, the time in the cc was wonderful, I felt so loved and welcomed and cared about, I enjoyed every minute with you! ❤

Elisa from Germany

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