Another Day in the Life

Hello Friends,

What a day huh? The sun has been shining all week here in Santa Barbara and Summer Solstice (the annual summer festival) is just a couple weeks away. As things finally begin to settle in for a fun filled summer, there’s an awesome new realization. New faces from all over the world continue to pour into Santa Barbara! Conversation Cafe got a chance to welcome a few of these newcomers this past Thursday, linking a few other musicians like myself together for some promising musical fun over the next few weeks, and the languages keep changing. Whoever knew Arabic would ever, in any way, be even slightly easier that German? I definitely never would have thought that, for myself, but a few of our Austrian friends have proven me wrong. Can’t wait to learn more over the time they’re here!

Old friends are coming in too, after having a busy end to another semester of studies at UCSB or SBCC or Westmont. But with semesters ending, we have to say goodbye to a few of our good friends who have been with us from the get-go back in February. We’re going to miss them, and we wish them the best as they return to their lives in their home countries from Brasil all the way to Saudi Arabia (Ciao Pedro and Hadi!) I know I’ll miss them…but hey, that just means I have to make a trip to see them. Who doesn’t want to travel the world more and visit friends in other countries anyways? 🙂

Better yet, now that I’m personally moving into Santa Barbara this weekend, what a present it’ll be to be so close to all my friends, from America to Germany to Brasil to Saudi Arabia, in such a beautiful city. How much better could it be? If you’re reading this and haven’t had a chance to join us on Thursdays at the Loft from 4:30-6:00pm, by all means stop by! I’d love to meet you, and I’m sure all our friends here would to. You never know the friends you make 🙂

See you Thursdays CC and friends!


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